3A White Walker

3A White Walker-Indica

$60.00 per 1/4 oz

$100.00 per 1/2 oz

$160.00 per 1 oz

Total THC 22.0%

Product description

White Walker Kush, not to be confused with Whitewalker OG, is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid by DNA Genetics that takes the best parts of its elite parentage and blends them into one refreshing after dinner strain. Though the names are similar, the highs are not totally comparable. By blending an ingamer cut of White Widow with Skywalker, breeders have created an intensely relaxing strain that is both cooling in your mouth and your muscles without weighing you to your seat.

With moderately high THC levels coming in at around 22% on average and fan favorite parentage, it’s no wonder as to why it took home first place for Best Flower at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup. These forest green nugs are blanketed in milky white trichomes and lush orange hairs, giving it a snowy white appearance. The aromas are spicy and lemony with a refreshing pine scent on the nose. The flavors are rich in citrus and spice making this a strain to remember.

This powerhouse high can best be described as strong and honestly, not for the faint of heart. Take just one hit and you are rushed by a heavy cerebral euphoria, leaving you hazy and stoned, yet happy. This slow building high then creates a cloudiness around your head while soothing down any muscle aches or cramps you may experience. This is perfect for an end of day sleep aid or an appetite/mood boost that will last throughout the night. Enjoy it before bed for the full desired effect.