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Total THC/A33.0%

Product description

Call it blasphemous, but Jesus OG is one hybrid with the unique ability to elevate both body and mind. Prolific breeding collective Subcool's The Dank has blessed us with this cross between merious hybrid Hell’s Angel OG and TGA’s own Jack the Ripper. Although certain phenotypes lean toward the cerebral sativa end of the spectrum, Jesus OG confers a high that strikes the ideal balance between mental and physical effects. With a refreshing lemon taste to boot, Jesus OG has a sturdy THC content of 20-33%.

Jesus OG has small to medium-sized flowers that clump in tapered, spade-like shapes. The buds have a typically indica structure, with tightly-packed and coiled leaves that makes the flowers dense and difficult to break up without a grinder. The leaves themselves are a vibrant neon green, with some copper pistils peeking out. A sprinkling of trichomes gives this strain a waxy sheen and a very sticky surface. The primary smell wafting up from these flowers is of lemon, spiked with an ammonia tang -- the impression is not unlike some aerosol cleaners. There’s also a slightly dank and acrid smell that lurks underneath, which is intensified as flowers are broken open or burnt. When smoked, Jesus OG hits smooth. On the exhale, it leaves a lingering taste of herbs and citrus which may be familiar to fans of Jack Herer, Jesus OG’s grandparent strain.

The high from Jesus OG takes hold quickly: users may detect a head buzz or may feel their eyes inadvertently narrowing. Such effects are soon met with a newfound sense of cerebral focus. Objects or random thoughts can take on a whole new significance. Because it is so thought-provoking, this strain is great as an aid for work that calls for analysis or creativity. There may be some slightly psychedelic effects as well -- as their senses become more attuned to their surroundings, smokers may perceive sounds, colors, or even tastes more intensely. Jesus OG comes with physical sensations as well. At the very least, relief of tension in the muscles and chest can be expected. In higher doses, this strain can even pin users down on the nearest couch.

FlowerCitrusEuphoricIndicaJesus OGLemonRecreationalRelaxedTree FruitUplifted


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Jesus OG -- also known as Jesus OG Kush -- was developed while attempting to create a Sour Kush strain.


Developed by West Coast seed bank TGA Genetics, the goal was producing a fruity-smelling hybrid with lemon flavor undertones to pair with its classic Kush taste.


TGA co-founder Subcool said the recipe was perfected in 2007 by pollinating a clone-only female -- Hell’s OG that was held by Norstar Genetics -- with pollen from a Jack the Ripper male.

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Top reported strain effects

  • Euphoric

  • Relaxed

  • Energetic

Top reported strain flavours

  • Lemon

  • Citrus

  • Tree Fruit