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With a name like Venomberry, one might think of this strain as some kind of poison, but this sweet-tasting strain smells of candy and frosty sugary buds. An ancestor to some very old-world Indica this strain was created by the breeders at Dutch Flowers. Long before they began working on this strain, one of their breeders had found a landrace Uzbekistan Indica. When they began working on Venomberry this Uzbekistan Indica was crossed with a Dutch Flowers strain called Durban Figwidow. The result was much stronger than either parent but the breeders still were not done. In their eyes Venomberry still needed another component to really make it something special and this happened to be Chocolate Thai. After the cross was complete, a particular specimen was chosen and then inbred to stabilize the strain. While Indica-dominant this strain still retains a mellow body buzz with it's mind numbing cerebral effects.


PriceFrom C$40.00
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