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A true gem coming out of the Netherlands, breeders at Sagarmatha Seeds created quite a strain for indica lovers to enjoy. By crossing Strawberry Cough with an unknown indica parent, they’ve developed a delicious bud that’s great for unwinding after a long day. Be sure to have plenty of snacks in the house for this one, and prepare to enjoy a night of total peace.

Strawberry Fields makes you imagine frolicking in the sunshine, but don’t be fooled by her pretty name. This strain brings a high of 34% THC and isn’t to be toyed with. Her flavors, however, are another story as citrus and sugary sweet strawberries make you feel like you’re enjoying the perfect dessert. Nugs tend to be conical in shape and boast a thick layer of chunky crystals across their light green exterior.

Cali Brick Strawberry Fields-34.33%THC

PriceFrom C$70.00
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