**NEW**Red Lebanese Hash*NEW**

$15.00 per 1 g

$50.00 per 1/8 oz

$80.00 per 1/4 oz

$150.00 per 1/2 oz

$280.00 per 1 oz


Product description

This hash looks slightly reddish-brown in colour with lovely cake-like LAYERS, the structure shows that the "press" was just the right amount. Not too hard to make it oily but just enough to make the skin slightly shine.It goes down nice and smooth with a softly chalk/earth-flavour (this seems to be a pretty consistent red leb trait).The effects here are really nice and relaxed. You feel a bit like you have had a couple of beers; not TOO many so that you are acting stupid, but just enough to have a nice buzz. The way this gear makes me feel is the equivalent of having a "chillout session" with some candles and a hot bath. Aaahhhh...